A Day Like No Other

Today is a very different day than any Easter Sunday ever recorded.. Normally on this occasion folks are hitting the stores, attending spectator games and being with friends, making the most of a long weekend.

Do we choose as a people to live again, or will we destroy ourselves and the earth and let the virus do as it will? We can save ourselves and the world by simply staying safe, not quite the same choice that Jesus of Nazareth had.

But today reflection on our responsibility to each other has been foisted upon us to ponder death and rebirth in a relevance just too strong to ignore. In our isolation there is nothing to divert our attention from the metaphoric reality of then and now. The spiritual comparison to the earthly death that we are marking today is to obvious. The only difference is the power of rebirth. Can we rise again? Can we do it?

If we choose collectively to rise from this virus, if we choose to care for our neighbours instead of just our immediate wants, will we keep the lessons learned? Will the skies stay blue? If we don’t will Mother Earth miss us?

No, Like the dinosaurs we will be nothing but a few bones. The skies will be blue, the smog gone, the climate perfect for the whales.

Will we rise?


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