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Synergy, Synergy, Synergy

I have a radio in my bathroom, thanks to my motivated and handy partner. You turn the light on, you get the radio…like it or not. 4:57 AM with eyes still at half mast I turn the light on. The radio said to me, “and then I picked up a book called Conversations with God”. Huh? My brain turned on immediately and I listened to some guy talking about “What God Said”. He wasn’t talking about Neale’s new book; he was explaining what God said through the trilogy about who we really are. The program was over at 5 AM so I figured that was the message. Translating the message, it said to me that I should read while eating breakfast so I picked up the nearest book at the kitchen table which was Friendship with God. I opened it up where I had left off, chapter 6 p. 96. The first words that Neale said, “So that’s step two isn’t it?” I flipped back to see where this came from and God said, “When you love and trust yourself, then you will love and trust in me”.

So chapter 6 is all about Trust and Faith. Now, here’s the kicker…. I am of course a card carrying member of A.A. and I just happen to be writing on Step 2, and I know some of you know that the main Spiritual Principles of Step 2 of the 12 Steps are…Faith and Trust. Can anybody remember off the rib what step 2 is…? (no cheating now wink wink). I say that because after almost 30 years I still cannot remember all of them off by heart!!! But I digress. Step 2 is of course “We Came to Believe that a Power Greater than Ourselves Could Return us to Sanity”, and you are in-sane if you have gotten this far with your interest in the New Thought movement.  So this morning got me to thinking about the statement, “God never shuts up, but who’s listening”. That is what synergy is to me…awareness of all the ways God talks and shows and demonstrates to us the truth, if only we would listen.

I shared with you about my reading the same book up at the lake in the sun; on the vacation when Neale was sharing a childhood memory of disappointment associated with not getting what he wanted on his 8th or 9th birthday Sept. 10th. Well can you guess what I’m going to say next? Yes, that’s right; I realized I was reading this on Neale’s 70th birthday, September 10th, weird? No I think not at all, synergy and God’s way of bringing it home to me that the universe is intelligent and is aware, and not at all above using this parlor trick to wake me up to remind me what’s available in awareness’s.

How did your awareness come about? Was it like mine, a slow evolution, God as I understood Him through the 12 Steps? Reading books like The Road Less Travelled, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet, Course of Miracles, Marianne Williamson, learning Transcendental Meditation etc. etc.? Doing LSD in the 60’s, thinking Timothy Leary or Ken Keyse and the Electric Kool Aid Acid test was it? Always searching, searching, knowing but blindfolded, eyes wide open but sleepwalking, culminating with this writing. Synergy all the way through, God within me while I experienced what I needed to so I could end up as a bringer of the light, living my soul’s agenda at my “Joy Place”, teaching what I so desperately want to learn.  I dare say I didn’t “wake up” for many years and my main fun now is to help people to wake up earlier in their present incarnation. It is my joy and my way of expressing who I am in my own present incarnation.

I would love to hear your stories…how did you come to know what you are remembering now???

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The Process

Excerpt P. 173 Surrogate Model of Treatment for Women – Linda Shaw

Coming up the 12 steps to Charlford for the first time, desperate to get out of the hell she had created, the novice Peach struggles with her suitcases and big black garbage bags. There is always one or two bags filled with unwanted garbage and clutter she just can’t part with. They are filled with core beliefs, anger, self hate, mistrust and loneliness to name but a few. She’s been dragging them around for years, she knows they are pulling her down and she would do anything to get rid of them, but somehow they are comforting; the only normal she has ever known, at least they are consistent .  

In the first few days she almost forgets they are there, still packed and sitting in the closet of her heart. The girls are so nice and helpful, and she’s learning so much, and she says in group one day, “I think I’ll just stay here forever!” and her new friends laughed looking at each other knowingly. Life on retreat is sublime; many would pay thousands for the 3 weeks of isolation from the world. “Maybe I don’t really need to be here”, she thinks, “Maybe I’m not as bad as the others”. She watches others in control mode, arguing, blaming, crying and she smiles a little Madonna smile….

But then…..

She hears someone gossiping and she thinks it is about her, and then her three weeks are up and she gets out of the bubble of retreat.  She feels awful finishing her Step 1 that provided a glimpse of the devastation she has caused her love ones, and herself.  Finally she gets to use the phone and life totally leaks in, suddenly she realizes she has just unpacked all of her pain. Nothing is different nothing’s changed, the harm was caused over a lifetime but she could never acknowledged it.  All she saw was her own pain and blame for everyone and everything around her for causing it. Here she had nothing to soothe her pain and it was stark and unforgiving. Everything she ran into Charlford to get away from is back with a vengeance. She wants nothing more than to pack her bags and run into the night to get caught in the lurking web of her dealer.

But wait…..

Somehow she ran into the office instead of out the door. She cried until her nose was running and cheeks were red. She hiccupped in her sobs, and slid down the wall to the floor. The two counselors turned in their chairs like judges on “The Voice” and listened until she was all cried out. She had a stray thought that she was glad she had her old long sleeved sweat shirt, she knew there would be no Kleenex to stop the deluge.

They allowed her the space to think things out, no hurry, no rush. The office felt safe and soft and warm. She asked if she could just sit here, and they said of course, this is your home, and then they went about their business with her as a welcome presence. The door opened and a resident came in, and then another, they sat down with her and began to talk about their first days here. Then there was the laughter that comes only when people share and relate to the same experiences.

One of her friends asked her if she could give her a hug, and when she did she suddenly understood these women were there for her. They gave her a glimpse of a new reality, a reality just out of ear shot, just around the corner. She actually “heard” the voice telling her that it wasn’t about her; it was about the ghosts in everyone’s past including her own.

She began her awareness process. She learned that she would experience awareness over and over again as the healing took place. It seemed to take forever to really embrace who she really was, and it was touch and go for a number of weeks and months. As she internalized this great gift of unconditional love she noticed her behavior was changing. One day she noticed that she was enjoying herself by helping another. How extraordinary!! Who knew?? Who would have thunk? Her housemates became Sisters and this truly was her family home.


Her world crashed around her. The one huge thing she was holding on to, praying on, dreaming on, fell through. Just toppled down like a house of cards. It was in her grasp and then it was gone, like it had never been there. And despair overtook her. She became quiet, her sisters thought they had done something wrong, she just wasn’t herself. But she didn’t like the feeling; it didn’t feel normal even though this was the worst thing that could have ever happened. Then she did something that was utterly unavailable to her before, she reached out and began seeing the music therapist. You could hear the songs she wrote drifting like a sweet summer breeze all through the house. They were songs of grief, songs of love and sadness, but songs from her soul none the less. She saw it worked and reached out again to her yoga class and then to art therapy. She found herself creating her own reality through positive thought…the strength, the wonder of it all, she was back!

She finally understood life would always be there to leak in, but she could trust herself, feel, cry and decide to change it into something valuable. Her group sessions became meaningful as she became more and more honest in her step work. She learned ups and downs wouldn’t kill her but make her stronger and she became a Warrior for other women struggling with their garbage bags coming up the 12 steps to Charlford House.

And the time finally came….

That she counted the 12 stairs on the way down as she left her Spiritual home to go out into the world and change it just by her presence in it. Her head was up, her shoulders back, a true Spiritual Warrior, a Peach among Peaches!

And now…..

 She comes back all the time, we are family, been through a lot together. We will always have each other’s backs no matter where we are in this new world. Charlford House will be her home forever and she knows it and does her best to bring others up those 12 steps, she even carries theirs bags for them.

She has found a way to change the world!!!

(Who do you think I might be talking about?)

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OK, so I read this article on Face Book, maybe you did too. I think it was called Act Like It Is. Well not to plagiarize but I think further exploration is warranted.  I have always said “thoughts become things”, however that statement is misleading if you follow it faithfully. As a matter of fact it won’t do what you want it too at all. You have to do the walking behind the thought or it is all for naught.

I remember writing something to that affect in one of my posts. You must amplify the thought by “doing” whatever it is you had the thought about. Being “happy” is very subjective, but if you “fake it til you make it” you will discover that somewhere along the way you indeed have become happy. We are social beings. If I see you smiling and talking in an upbeat way it makes it very easy for me to do the same. When you see me up beat and happy, your fake happiness will turn into the real deal.

I have experimented with it in group telling the attendees exactly why we were doing this. I begin by asking participants to look at their neighbor and start laughing. Soon the whole room is laughing and you can feel the shift to authenticity. If you keep it going people will begin to laugh even harder, some holding their stomach which makes them and the others to point and laugh even harder. Once that monkey is out of the cage it becomes very hard to stop. People will try not to look and someone will see them trying not to look producing another round of gut holding peals of laughter.

So you can lead horse to water, and the horse actually drinks. The Homo Sapien loves to feel free and expressive instead of repressed and afraid they might be made fun of. When you realize everyone is laughing at everybody it is very freeing and emotionally rewarding.

The strange thing that happens afterwards though is when it stops people become embarrassed. They won’t look into each other’s eyes and really don’t know what to say. What’s even more interesting is when someone reverts back and chuckles, the others immediately start up again indicating that is where they would rather be. Sort of recognizing and bringing the soul to the surface if you will.

It all goes to prove one point, and that is go ahead and play the “AS IF” game and bring people out of the shadows behind their walls to express who they really are. Very simple, but then all miracles are simple .


It takes awhile to grow some.

At times it’s a race. Who will get there first, integrity or addiction? There is just so much that needs changing to be done and is integrity just another thing to look at among all the other problems? Well, the short answer is no.

Integrity is the umbrella that covers all the rest of it. Think about it. Any number of issues you are working on right now mean nothing if they’re not done with integrity. Look integrity up in the dictionary. What does it say?  

Having integrity means doing the right thing in a reliable way. It’s a personality trait that we admire, since it means a person has a moral compass that doesn’t waver. It literally means having “wholeness” of character, just as an integer is a “whole number” with no fractions

There you have it. when we have a little time under our belt it seems we let out guard down and old behaviors begin to seep back in. That cannot happen. If it does it is an indication for you, a direct message if you will.

Take a pen a paper and write down all the shady things you are doing these days. Be honest with yourself. Use integrity for your own self preservation. Write the little stuff too, that’s where it begins.

Is this a little irritating for you right now? Does it seem juvenile? That’s good, just another indication for you. Pay attention to these small things, you will never grow out of them.

Good Luck, let me know how you are doing with it!

New Book Pre-view : There’s another one inside wanting to come out!! My fingers get itchy and I get that “feeling”. Its becoming almost impossible to ignore. Theres that need to get up at 4 a.m., the dog is asleep, the house is quiet and I can feel my brain expanding with words and ideas. It will explode if don’t write them down. I guess that makes me a morning person. So here is the title: Heartstrings, A Road Map to Feelings. So what do you think? There is quite a lot of literature out there about this topic but I want to talk about all relationships. We are all about relationship. We would not survive without them. Like why do you have such a great relationship with your dog but not your neighbor? What happens when you talk to someone who your attracted to and where did the marbles in your mouth come from when you try to make conversation? Or maybe you can’t stop talking and your brain is telling you to shut up because her eyes just glazed over….but you can’t stop, the horror, the horror!!! I want to talk about cringing at the thought of speaking at a meeting and not even going because of it. The pure terror of doing something stupid when you need to be soo cool. So what do you think? Is it a book you may want to read? a sort of manual on practical day to day living? I would appreciate your comments and your own relational struggles.




Nemo Resideo – NOLB

“Nemo Resideo” the premise of the Surrogate Model of Treatment. ” No One Left Behind” represents the inclusion and concern for the people we learn to care for as a family in recovery. This Latin based terminology has been an informal call to action in military terms from mythology to the present day. The famous US Army Rangers use the language today as part of their creed, ” I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy.”

The enemy in our case is the drugs that bring our comrades to their knees and finally to their deaths.  Spiritual Warriors, the brothers and sisters who are all surrogate family practice Nemo Resideo on a daily basis in many different ways. They have each other’s backs in this deadly war. The people on the street are no longer isolated loners slipping down alleyways, they are the heroes that carry the life saving Naloxone like weapons against this raging contagious disease. No one is left behind. The first responders, fire fighters who no longer fight fires, ambulance drivers falling themselves because of PTSD, trauma and sleep deprivation. The interns and nurses and doctors trying desperately  to staunch the flow in overcrowded triage units  that used to be called hospitals. They too are victims of the horror this drug has caused as they defend valiantly making sure no one is left behind, Pulling people out of the gore to send them into treatment for the next round of NOLB.

The Surrogate Model is a stated, meaningful way for our Spiritual Warriors to gain strength, more than they’ve ever had before and to go back into the fray as helper warriors with each other’s backs to assist those who saved them.  We assign ourselves to wherever we are needed whether it be back on the frontline, detox units, Spiritual advisors to bless us as we go. Some look after children and mothers, the innocent victims of this war while putting themselves in danger again, relying on their supports to have their backs.

I want you to know too if your wounds are too deep you are invited to Refocus Addictions Recovery and Resources to heal. I am also a Spiritual Warrior and will always be family. My motto is still Nemo Resideo

Linda J Shaw,


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The Belief of Aloneness

Emotional intimacy takes away the belief of aloness out of the human experience. To be One with others, spirits and consciousness melding and melting into the stuff the stars are made of is the reality human evolution.

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