The Addict and the Isolation

There was a time in the not so distant past that the meaning of relationship went hand in hand with sobriety, the understanding of which was the deep and abiding necessity of life. Most of us were unable to create any meaningful connections with others and took counsel only from our own thoughts. We learned... Continue Reading →

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How To Be Anything You Want to Be

Scratching the Itch I wanted to BE a ‘biker’ in the worst way. I was completely taken by the dream. The Vision of me in the saddle on my gleaming iron horse, feeling the wind pushing tears from my eyes, the lines on the road blurring into a long ribbon of white. I feel the... Continue Reading →

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Go Surrogate Yourself

The Sleeping Dragon Awakes Book 2 of the Surrogate Method of Addiction Treatment (A little recovery handbook for times of Pandemic) Coming to a book stand near you! Chapter 1 (sample) Isolation The world we once knew has vanished in a very short period of time. Over our first years of gaining life saving awareness... Continue Reading →

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Lemmings or HEBs

There is only one reality and that reality is also an illusion. How so you say? Most of us believe our own experience is the right one. 7 Billion people know personally that their experience of the world is the only way it could possibly be. Everybody's right and everybody's wrong, and all of those... Continue Reading →

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May 30, 1969

I remember “Bloody Thursday”. I was there in 1969 at Peoples Park, Berkeley, California when I heard about James Rector dying after being shot in the back by police.I had hitch hiked with my 4 year old son from Vancouver Canada just to go to the Sky River Rock festival in Washington. I was a... Continue Reading →

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Last Chance

Editorial I know it is first thing Saturday morning, I also know we concern ourselves with recovery and spiritual growth here. But I would be amiss not to ever talk about this world crisis we’re presently in the middle of. It’s hard to read first thing on a Saturday morning, so you might want to... Continue Reading →

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A World of Opposites

Our world has shrunk. We are living in each other’s back pockets. It seem strange to some, but normal to others. It has, for some, brought a stark reality of the world order into focus. For others in the world it has been just a way of life and all they’ve ever known. We have... Continue Reading →

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Negative Bias 2020

Its your choice, ascension or descention. Its all in the angle you see it from. The nightmare or the dream. As mammals, yes we do tend to see the negative aspects of life coming at us. It is inbuilt, a protective reflex. In the days prior to the frontal lobe we watched for danger reflexively,... Continue Reading →

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Children’s Thoughts Become Adult Things

Never ignore the pain of the child All of us... every last one of us brings a package of pain to adulthood. It matters not the environment we came from. Care givers from both ends of the spectrum, from abject abuse to absolute love all contribute to the creation of our values, mores and beliefs... Continue Reading →

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How to Flex Your Emotional in Muscles

Every good author knows that in order to write well one must read a lot. Every book read expands and strengthens ones emotional core. Reading challenges your beliefs, values, and moral fortitude. The struggle to accept, integrate or reject a new idea is like pumping iron. Up, down, slowly, conscious of the burn. Repetitions, turning... Continue Reading →

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Synergy, Synergy, Synergy

I have a radio in my bathroom, thanks to my motivated and handy partner. You turn the light on, you get the it or not. 4:57 AM with eyes still at half mast I turn the light on. The radio said to me, “and then I picked up a book called Conversations with God”.... Continue Reading →

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The Process

Excerpt P. 173 Surrogate Model of Treatment for Women - Linda Shaw 2019 Coming up the 12 steps to Charlford for the first time, desperate to get out of the hell she had created, the novice Peach struggles with her suitcases and big black garbage bags. There is always one or two bags filled with... Continue Reading →

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The Honour of Payback

I had the honor of holding the door open to the other side for both my mom and my dad. Dad was terrified of the thought of living without His wife of 68 years, and in her last days on this plane Mom wore a haunted expression of one that is aware of her imminent... Continue Reading →


Anew It’s again been a long time between chats here my friends. It appears that there is a retreating from the world like never before in the history of humankind . “Out there” looks like the illusion and my inner world becomes much more inviting. I must step out and engage. It seems we have... Continue Reading →

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