Working inside Your Reality

Memo: Dry Wings in the Sun before jumping Hello Gentle Warrior! I remember your struggles, your victories and losses. I may not know the particulars of your reality, but I do know if your reading this you've had them. They, after all are the hallmark of your humanity. Your triumphs are you, crawling out of... Continue Reading →

Go Surrogate Yourself

Book 2 of the Surrogate Method of Addiction Treatment The Sleeping Dragon Awakes (A little recovery handbook for times of Pandemic) Coming to a book stand near you! Chapter 1 (sample) Isolation The world we once knew has vanished in a very short period of time. Over our first years of gaining life saving awareness... Continue Reading →

Lemmings or HEBs

There is only one reality and that reality is an illusion. How so you say? Each of us believes our own experiences are the right ones. 7 Billion people know personally that their experience of the world is the only way it could possibly be true. Everybody's right and everybody's wrong, and all of those... Continue Reading →

Un-Alpha Coyote

Thank you Chris for the article “Alpha” in your WP blog offerings. I enjoyed your definition using a wolfish description to describe the concept of personality that we as humans display regularly. I like to call them spirit animals as they seem to embody our own human characteristics with uncanny accuracy. The one that I... Continue Reading →

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