The Dynamogenic Effect

(Or The Long Term Recovery Crisis) William James was coined as a “Father of Psychology” of the Western Hemisphere in the early 20th century. He wrote in one of his famous text books a chapter on “The Law of Mental Dynamogenesis”. The Law of Dynamogenisis states simply that “One stimulation in motion reinforces another already... Continue Reading →

Our Time Together

I Promise We will visualize what life will look like at the successful conclusion of our quest. You will muster the courage to explore your innermost self and then plan and execute new behaviors contingent to what we found on our deep dive.  You will achieve small goals we set so the taste of success... Continue Reading →

Let’s Play Jeopardy

They are sentient beings and micro organisms, made of the stuff from the stars. They have been super novas and mindless tadpoles struggling upward to become something more. They do not remember anything but knowledge of everything can be plucked like fruit from the tree of life. They are full of fear and courage all... Continue Reading →

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