A World of Opposites

Our world has shrunk. We are living in each other’s back pockets. It seem strange to some, but normal to others. It has, for some, brought a stark reality of the world order into focus. For others in the world it has been just a way of life and all they’ve ever known.

We have heard the word “chaos” from the fearful chattering of ones that have spent their lives with their heads firmly planted in the sand. We have also watched satellite photos of the smog clearing from the face of Mother Earth.

In this crisis we have watched death in helpless horror but since the world slowed down with the words “shelter in place” we have watched daffodils and bluebells poke through the early spring earth.

We have seen the people in our midst dropping all around us not unlike the Fentanyl crisis that we don’t even notice because it isn’t newsworthy.

We have been warned for years that we must cleanse the planet. Now we no longer have the title of Stewards of the Earth. We have been warned and took no heed and have been stripped of that title. Mother Nature is taking care of it now.

I am torn between mourning your loss and rejoicing the new birth we have a chance at.

So “shelter in place” and ponder the smallness of earth and how everything that happens affects everything else, and watch the daffodils pop their heads up from the new spring earth. You have the time to look into your children’s eyes now and make your own personal decision going forward.

It will be different but it will be good…in time.

Author: shawlj

I am on new ground now, finally free from many decades of ‘taking care of business’. The letters behind my name became an anchor that I have finally broken free from. You have a standing invitation to walk with me here, where the living is easy and uncluttered.

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