Empowerment or Dis-empowerment?

We assign ourselves Empowerment or Dis-empowerment

We choose to create either our own empowerment or dis-empowerment on a daily basis.

Our choices are made through our thoughts. How does that work you say?

Well, crystals would be a good example because many people think there is undeniable power in them. There’s a certain segment of the population who accept crystals as powerful, spiritual and magical objects and that’s exactly what they became.

It all started with one thought from one person communicating to another until collaboratively it became a cultural story in the world. That’s how crystals became powerful. Without the belief and the millions of thoughts about their power they would be nothing more than objects.

There are some very powerful people in this world we have thought up. How they got that way is no secret. First they recognize they have an ability, or skill that is a notch above or different in some way than the rest of the population. Another person also sees it and tells another about the power of it. The person with the skill is bolstered by her own ability and becomes empowered by other’s acknowledgment which again further fuels her own belief about herself. Belief begets belief and the next thing you know it has become viral. And now you see a culturally embraced powerful person or product. Anyone, you, your best friend or anyone who understands this technique can become that Bill Gates or the Dali Lama when they understand power, where it comes from and how to perpetuate it.

Advertising agencies have always known this as the magical art of buy in. Cigarettes were sold this way and quitting was sold by the same method. Now those same advertisers are selling vapes for the tobacco companies.

On a more individual level, Many of us do a thing called school so we might have a degree and as a result be the someone of our dreams. Successful people know this to be backwards. deciding to “Be” first and as they are actively “being” they continue to amplify that which creates even more Power. They understand they already have everything they need in order to create it.

You already have. It is the belief that solidifies and empowers it.

Another good example might be the idea of the Harley Davidson motorcycle. It represents a life style of Freedom, of strength and a certain kind of person who might ride one. This is a world belief not just one small section of it. The motorcycle is just a collection of metal and plastic put together in a factory. We have created the Harley Davidson is not a motorcycle but a spiritual and wildly emotional persona for basically what is just a hunk of metal.

Too many humans today forget who they really are and believe the world just happens to them. Not so!! Each person here now on earth is creating their lives, and their creations have taken on a solidity we all benefit or suffer from (not to mention Hitler).

One thing to remember when “be-coming”, the more the collaboration the stronger the creation. It is the bounce back or the mirroring effect from the many that makes perspective bending a reality.

I can be anything I want to be but to sustain it I need you and as many others on board I can get. You can’t perspective bend in a vacuum, your statement of power must be accepted and passed on until it becomes a thing of power in the world just like a crystal.

Happy Creating!

Author: shawlj

I am on new ground now, finally free from many decades of ‘taking care of business’. The letters behind my name became an anchor that I have finally broken free from. You have a standing invitation to walk with me here, where the living is easy and uncluttered.

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