Lemmings or HEBs

There is only one reality and that reality is also an illusion. How so you say?

Most of us believe our own experience is the right one. 7 Billion people know personally that their experience of the world is the only way it could possibly be. Everybody’s right and everybody’s wrong, and all of those rights and wrongs make up the illusion we all live in.

Take the young man who meets a beautiful defenceless but misguided young woman (his thought). She seems to need a protector. She is so small and fragile. And so the young man protects her and guides her to his better way of living. He gives her everything she will need to live well as her beauty and fragility demands. He learned this from his family when he was growing up, because that’s what men are supposed to do. This is his reality; his lived experience through his family, T.V., magazines and advertisements for Old Spice shaving lotion.

The beautiful defenseless young woman on the other hand was taught to be just exactly that by the culture and society handed down to her at her mothers knee.

She grew up emulating her mother and learned to be strong minded just like her. She found early on that she could only play with dolls and Easy Bake toy ovens that would teach her to be the most desirable wife a man could ever want. She had no physical way to get her needs met so she was taught to manipulate, only it wasn’t called that.

She was also taught that the more manipulative and sweet she could be would get her more of what she thought she needed in life. So they became a couple. He thinking he was giving and she thinking she was getting, and it was all just fine.

The reality was that the young man did not believe in himself. He gave in to the illusion of his father and his father’s father because he could not be who he secretly dreamt of being. He felt weak, not like a protector at all. The young woman sensed this and knew in her heart she was not the sweet defenseless girl he thought she was. They both secretly knew it and were ashamed that they couldn’t be like everyone else. Soon it became apparent to both of them that the other was not who they thought they were and they ended up in a divorce. Both were miserable in their knowledge of their incompetency as human beings; but did not sign the divorce papers before passing on the illusion to their children.

The larger illusion of course is that everybody on the planet feels the same way to different degrees. Instead of celebrating all the different parts of us we insist ours is the only truth. We must because we’re so afraid of anything unfamiliar that we try to kill it; we feel we must or we won’t survive. The tragedy is we are One Thing and we are killing ourselves causing wars, addiction, mental illness and paranoia not recognizing our own parts that make the whole of us.

Only a few understood that although we are all one in the universe we all have different experiences as do different cells in the same body, and those different experiences are the exact same thing that makes us all one in the first place.

The absolute “reality” is there is no right or wrong, only that which works and that which doesn’t. To understand this natural law would completely change the view we have of each other.

There are some with that knowledge now and their numbers grow as they awaken to who they really are.

Will we get there in time to win this foot race? Or like the lemmings keep running blindly toward the cliff falling over each other to get there first. Will we gather enough self knowledge to come to the tipping point where more of us know the truth than don’t?

We would have the knowledge, the love and the know how to become the HEBS (Higher Evolved Beings) that our human DNA proscribes. Or through our baser selves shall we fall into the abyss to let the Universe try again with some other species?

Stay tuned.

It is Our call

We Are Enough

Author: shawlj

I am on new ground now, finally free from many decades of ‘taking care of business’. The letters behind my name became an anchor that I have finally broken free from. You have a standing invitation to walk with me here, where the living is easy and uncluttered.

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