Negative Bias 2020

Its your choice, ascension or descention. Its all in the angle you see it from. The nightmare or the dream.

As mammals, yes we do tend to see the negative aspects of life coming at us. It is inbuilt, a protective reflex. In the days prior to the frontal lobe we watched for danger reflexively, it kept us alive instinctively in the interest of self preservation of the species. We have evolved and adapted over time but our tendency to react automatically in the face of precieved danger is alive and well. There are no more saber-toothed tigers although we still look for them. The world is a dangerous place as we watch CNN for the latest bombings, killings and politics. Our primal brain protects us in its ancient way not knowing it is in fact killing us, not understanding the danger is not immediate. The frontal cortex is overpowered by fear but we can’t stop reacting. Our nerves are shot, we fall into mental illness, addiction and paranoia. The world gets more dangerous and we find ways to rest. Many of us us rest in the shade of oblivion. We desperately find shelter in substances to numb, to flatline to get away from looking or caring. Others go to far to ever come back.

In our oblivion we get out of the habit of fight, flight or freeze. Bad things happen but it doesnt hurt anymore. Sometimes we get fished out of addiction; if we get lucky. There is kindness on the other side of horror. The view is different here in recovery. A positive bias begins to give hope, and on the otherside of horror is a world we never knew existed. How strong it is too! The exact opposite of the horror. Why could we not see the goodness, the living angels, the belief in humanity… the way out is so obvious. Every once inawhile you hear, “hold tight, it will get worse before it gets better”, and so you do because everybody you know now is holding on too, everyone creating the tipping point. Understanding the Law of Opposites and making it happen, fishing one person at a time out of the soup of paranoia and hate.

Its up to you right here right now in the beginning of the decade. How will you chose to see the world? Will you decide to banish negative bias from your thoughts. Will you step toward the healing or the killing? We offer you the hand that will pull you up. You will be amazed before you are halfway through.

Come over to us. Come into the sunlight and leave the dark, dank caves of fear and violence forever

Author: shawlj

I am on new ground now, finally free from many decades of ‘taking care of business’. The letters behind my name became an anchor that I have finally broken free from. You have a standing invitation to walk with me here, where the living is easy and uncluttered.

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