How to Flex Your Emotional Muscles

Every good author knows that in order to write well one must read a lot. Every book read expands and strengthens ones emotional core.

Reading challenges your beliefs, values, and moral fortitude. The struggle to accept, integrate or reject a new idea is like pumping iron. Up, down, slowly, conscious of the burn. Repetitions, turning pages. Focus on form, breath and thought. Expansion and adding your own truth to the moral fibre of thought and outward expression builds confidence and brings new words and new worlds to the surface.

From a 98 lb weakling to a spiritual hulk in no time flat! Then the disseminating and rebuilding to write your learning into your own experience to share to the world.

Wisdom comes with reading. When you express through writing, you gift the Universe with more knowledge. You give folks like me the opportunity to know your heart and your wisdom, because if we are truly all one the world needs your wisdom just like you need mine.

So let’s get out there! Start light until you are pumping War and Peace, which by the way would be a physical workout as well as emotional!

Go In Peace

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