Time is an illusion we have created within relativity. Whether a tree, a building, or you, all things change in blocks of time.
Time is a construct, a
way to communicate where we are whether it be mileage, births or what we call deaths.
We judge time by the lines in another’s face, the change of which determines how we treat them. We revere older people who look less time worn.
We attempt to stall change with goods and services that create the illusion of timelessness. We spend our lives as our bodies, never getting beyond the illusion of who we really are.
There is no time, only the sweet timelessness of the only moment there is.
It is only there you can say hello to your soul.
All of time is wrapped in the soft blanket of the only moment there is. Inside the folds of these seconds there is everything that has, is, and will ever be in the realm of the absolute.
The question is the answer, the problem that has already been solved before it happened.
“Thank you God for solving the problem I haven’t yet encountered
Be in the world but not of it.
You are eternal,
time is the illusion,
Change is the constant