We Stumble Upon Our Soul

The growth we Experience finally comes after we stumble upon our soul. Our Spiritual Self has never been hidden away. It puts itself in our conscious path every day. We trip over it and maybe look back to see what we tripped over but are so lost in our illusion of reality we name it something else.

So many leave these containers we call a body with never having experienced reality. We are so conditioned to believe that what we see is, we completely miss our souls agenda. It is our job on this planet to help each person to recognize who they truly are and the power they come here with. This is not some corny new age story, it is ancient wisdom. It is not a secret society. Even if you are mainstream Christian the Bible mentions the power that is you. When Jesus was turning water into wine a disciple commented on the miracle. Jesus said something like, “you will do this and more”. We have. Jesus hasn’t gone to the moon, or smashed the atom. We are one and can take the ownership of exactly what Jesus
Was Talking about.

One example of who we really are. I know giving Conversations With God Book 1 was a tool I used for years to introduce folks to their souls. Then they go out and do the same. There is a number of awakened souls On this site even. They are opening the door for each person, whether the
Person is ready or not doesn’t matter. They will remember one day if not in this life then in the next.
Enjoy your day

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