New Book Pre-view : There’s another one inside wanting to come out!! My fingers get itchy and I get that “feeling”. Its becoming almost impossible to ignore. Theres that need to get up at 4 a.m., the dog is asleep, the house is quiet and I can feel my brain expanding with words and ideas. It will explode if don’t write them down. I guess that makes me a morning person. So here is the title: Heartstrings, A Road Map to Feelings. So what do you think? There is quite a lot of literature out there about this topic but I want to talk about all relationships. We are all about relationship. We would not survive without them. Like why do you have such a great relationship with your dog but not your neighbor? What happens when you talk to someone who your attracted to and where did the marbles in your mouth come from when you try to make conversation? Or maybe you can’t stop talking and your brain is telling you to shut up because her eyes just glazed over….but you can’t stop, the horror, the horror!!! I want to talk about cringing at the thought of speaking at a meeting and not even going because of it. The pure terror of doing something stupid when you need to be soo cool. So what do you think? Is it a book you may want to read? a sort of manual on practical day to day living? I would appreciate your comments and your own relational struggles.




Author: shawlj

I am on new ground now, finally free from many decades of ‘taking care of business’. The letters behind my name became an anchor that I have finally broken free from. You have a standing invitation to walk with me here, where the living is easy and uncluttered.

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