Nemo Resideo – NOLB

“Nemo Resideo” the premise of the Surrogate Model of Treatment. ” No One Left Behind” represents the inclusion and concern for the people we learn to care for as a family in recovery. This Latin based terminology has been an informal call to action in military terms from mythology to the present day. The famous US Army Rangers use the language today as part of their creed, ” I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy.”

The enemy in our case is the drugs that bring our comrades to their knees and finally to their deaths.  Spiritual Warriors, the brothers and sisters who are all surrogate family practice Nemo Resideo on a daily basis in many different ways. They have each other’s backs in this deadly war. The people on the street are no longer isolated loners slipping down alleyways, they are the heroes that carry the life saving Naloxone like weapons against this raging contagious disease. No one is left behind. The first responders, fire fighters who no longer fight fires, ambulance drivers falling themselves because of PTSD, trauma and sleep deprivation. The interns and nurses and doctors trying desperately  to staunch the flow in overcrowded triage units  that used to be called hospitals. They too are victims of the horror this drug has caused as they defend valiantly making sure no one is left behind, Pulling people out of the gore to send them into treatment for the next round of NOLB.

The Surrogate Model is a stated, meaningful way for our Spiritual Warriors to gain strength, more than they’ve ever had before and to go back into the fray as helper warriors with each other’s backs to assist those who saved them.  We assign ourselves to wherever we are needed whether it be back on the frontline, detox units, Spiritual advisors to bless us as we go. Some look after children and mothers, the innocent victims of this war while putting themselves in danger again, relying on their supports to have their backs.

I want you to know too if your wounds are too deep you are invited to Refocus Addictions Recovery and Resources to heal. I am also a Spiritual Warrior and will always be family. My motto is still Nemo Resideo

Linda J Shaw,


Refocus Addictions Recovery Resources & Explorations

Author: shawlj

I am on new ground now, finally free from many decades of ‘taking care of business’. The letters behind my name became an anchor that I have finally broken free from. You have a standing invitation to walk with me here, where the living is easy and uncluttered.

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