I was a frightened young adult, fresh from a treatment centre. I was scared about being back in the city, though I had cut off all my toxic friendships. The first day I met Linda she came into the room and pointed at a guitar. “Do you want to have a listen?” And while group was on the agenda for that evening, singing came first. That wasn’t counselling skills, or long term schooling, or Addictions 101. That was love. That’s what saved me. Linda Shaw knows this instinctively And she’s used these instincts to help countless women.


April 10  “5 stars”

Fantastic approach to treating addiction!April 10, 2019Verified PurchaseFormat: PaperbackWhat a fantastic approach to treating addiction! Surrounding the women with compassion, support, love, togetherness and accountability. Bringing wholeness and restoring faith back to an individual suffering from desperation and hopelessness. Thank you for this much needed book! What a great read.

Urban mystic

April 22/19

Linda is one of the most knowledgeable and reliable counsellor I have ever met. The self development and growth I was able to conquer with her guidance surpassed my expectations and I am forever grateful. Additionally her book continues to inspire me daily on my recovery journey.

We have all been so empowered by Linda Shaw. So happy to be at her book launch for The Surrogate Family Model of Addiction Treatment for Women from Refocus Addiction Recovery Resource based on her development of the program at Charlford House.




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