April 22/19

Urban mystic

Linda is one of the most knowledgeable and reliable counsellors I have ever met. The self development and growth I was able to gain with her guidance surpassed my expectations and I am forever grateful. Additionally, her book continues to inspire me daily on my recovery journey.



We have all been so empowered by Linda Shaw. So happy to be at her book launch for The Surrogate Family Model of Addiction Treatment for Women from Refocus Addiction Recovery Resource based on her development of the program at Charlford House.


Darcy M Amazing read! This rings so true for me. The things that happened in my childhood, shaped who I was, for a very long time. To change, go through the feelings, decide to do the work, work hard and become someone. It has truly been a blessing. Linda Shaw was a big part of that Journey for me. Now I do my very best, so my kids dont have to experience those things.
I will never be perfect! It is always way better than it was. You are an amazing writer and counselor. I will read this over and over.
Thank you Linda


Comment: RARRE helped me when I hit crisis mode after 2 and a half years of sobriety. Life all of a sudden started happening and it came at me unexpected. I was close to a relapse and even death. Linda walked me thru tools I could use to focus back on the positives in life. Today I can say that I am on a great path again and have the tools in place that help me when life decides to throw more curve balls at me. Thank you so much Linda for saving my life!


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