When I Give to You I Give to Myself

– The Surrogate Model of Women’s Treatment is a fantastic approach to treating addiction! Surrounding the women with compassion, support, love, togetherness and accountability. Bringing wholeness and restoring faith back to any individual suffering from desperation and hopelessness. Thank you for this much needed book. What a great read!

-5.0 out of 5 stars

Linda Shaw has a way with words, women, wisdom and weaving complicated concepts.

April 27, 2019 – Published on Amazon.com Format: Paperback Finally an addictions specialist who identifies the unique needs and values of women struggling with addiction and a lasting pathway to recovery. Home is where the love, compassion, and deep understanding is, and family is wherever you find it

-I highly recommend Refocus please Give Linda a call to see what she has to offer you! Angela Paul

-I also recommend Linda, she helped me tremendously in the beginning of my recovery and when I’m going through things today I hear her voice still after all these years. Thank you Linda!! Yes, give her a call!! W. Oakes

Darcy M.

Amazing read. This rings so true for me. The things that happend in my childhood, shaped who I was, for a very long time. To change, go through the feelings, decide to do the work, work hard and become someone has truly been a blessing. Linda Shaw was a big part of that Journey for me. Now I do my very best, so my kids dont have to experience those things.
I will never be perfect! It is always way better than it was. You are an amazing writer and counselor. I will read this over and over.
Thank you Linda

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