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July/Aug 2019 thank you Vancity Credit Union for providing a space for Refocus to display the Surrogate Model in New Westminster and Burnaby. Brochures, business cards and books rounded out the show.

Happy to say it was worth the effort!!!

Emotional Intimacy in Recovery
Ted Talks Recovery Day 2019

JUNE 20, 2019


12:00 pm Listen to Linda talking about The Surrogate Addiction Model of Treatment for Women!!

JUNE 16, 2019


Surrogate Addictions Recovery Resources and Explorations

A story, a manual, a history of the first Recovery Home for Women in BC and the model that made it work

Amazon, Indigo, Chapters, Kobo and other Online retailers are now displaying my new Book

The Surrogate Family Addictions Model of Treatment for Women

Thank you all for attending the April 27 Launch at Visions Bookstore! There was a moment when I thought we would run out of copies!! If you didn’t get your copy you can contact us in the contact page, call or text 604-862-0948 or email


A legacy for Charlford House and the Circle of Women within. An experiential walk into the inner sanctum and specialized program for those women who fight for their lives and recovery.

This book is more than a chronicle of the birth of a specialized program of recovery for women. The Surrogate Model is a timely response to the pressing concerns of the “opiod Crisis” and the “Me Too” movement all wrapped into one.
The reader is drawn into the experience of women in addiction and what it takes to walk through Charlford’s door and into the warmth of love. You are with her as she unpacks her suitcase filled with trauma,broken hearts, and a lifetime of shame. Experience the women’s pain, their fear, and their ulimate victory over addiction and death. As Program Director and Counsellor in this place of magic for twenty years I have learned from clients and my own experience what women yearn for more than anything else. You will find out how that is accomplished and why I have offered to share it with the world. Allow me to assist others of like mind to establish this adaptable program wherever and whenever needed.

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