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You are here with me now because your looking for something that will work.

Discover how I can help you to refocus emotionally, and mentally recover that forward motion you once had.

If you are ready to move forward into a fullfiling life, my energy and expertise just may be the ticket

You will

-Reframe your thoughts to create confidence and energy

– Integrate creative processes to change your perspective

-Take constructive action to manifest abundance in all areas of your life

-Regain and increase your sense of purpose

When you choose me as your guide, you will relax during your sessions, and our space will become your safe and private place for restoration.

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Third Stage Dynamogenics

You feel you should be happy in your achievement but instead you feel trapped. You hear your inside voice loudly shouting, “Is this all there is?” And then the shame comes, “How can you be so ungrateful?” It is the still small voice warning you this is a set up. Is this familiar?

The thought of more counselling feels somewhat nauseating. You want to move forward not regress more in the client’s chair. It’s all so confusing.

You are correct, you most likely had all the counselling there was to experience at your lowest point ! Life is now your counsellor, but If you can’t seem to stay motivated on the path and you feel frustrated and doubtful. This is the time to take action!

It will help to know You are not alone!!! Third Stage is fraught with hurdles that are not addressed in everyday life

That’s where Dynamogenics enters the picture. The Coach is your Wingman and co-navigator. A virtual DC Coach to take with you in your phone wherever you go. Your personal Coach Knows your path and where the barriers become doors and community relationships become part of your personal fan club. Success is your constant companion and the ball begins to roll on its own. You are on your way now but you know Coach will always be there when you need a hand up.

Like all Refocus Services NOLB (No One Left Behind) is always in play for you. You will bring more when you make a lot of it!

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