Coaching and Counselling Services

After your free 15 minute telephone consultation and exploration we will both know if my skills are a fit for your unique needs.

Although I work with everyone with passion and undivided attention, my specialty is working with clients who:

Have always experienced a thinly veiled feeling of uncomfortability that leaves you alternately anxious, depressed or acting out. You have tried everything and nothing is improving. Your work is suffering and you find yourself pushing your relationships away. Do you remember the last time you spontaneously laughed and enjoyed life?

It is becoming worse lately and your worried. You are here with me now because your looking for something that will help to make life worth living again.

Discover how my services will help you to refocus emotionally and mentally to recover that forward motion you once had

If you are ready to move forward into a fullfiling exciting life, my energy and expertise is your answer.

You will

-Reframe your thoughts to create confidence and energy

– Integrate creative thought processes to change your perspective

-Take constructive action to manifest abundance in all areas of your life

-Regain and increase your sense of purpose

When you choose Refocus I am confident that you will relax during our sessions, and our space will become your safe and private place for our work.

call Linda at: 604-862-0948, contact through this medium, or email at

I’m excited to meet you !

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