Dimensions and Aspects

According to Existentialist Theory We humans are complex beings of different dimensions. We have four of them. The physical, social, the psychological and spiritual. That doesn’t sound to complex now does it? However, There are different aspects for each of the four dimensions we happen to be in at a certain time. We also have aspects of all the others in that one dimension . Getting better isn’t it?
For instance perhaps I’m going to walk to Starbucks for a coffee. That would be walking and drinking coffee in the physical dimension. I would also be applying a social aspect as drinking coffee at Starbucks is the place to see friends. I would be seeing people I know, and might even sit with them to drink my coffee. The psychological aspect would come into play when I felt good and balanced psychologically by going for my walk and greeting my friends. The spiritual aspect of that dimension may have something to do with deep connection and belonging and caring about the people I am sitting at Starbucks with.

Each of the aspects and maybe all of the dimensions that make a human being up can all be in play at once. This is where we become complex. The amazing thing is this is all working without us being conscious of it. Or is it?
Now there is another added attraction to add to our dimensions…experience.
Like a thumbprint or snowflake no two of us have experience of growing up in
the same way. So I ask you, if love was withheld from a young child how would it affect the dimensions of the adult s/he would become? How would that compare to the child that experienced love growing up?   What would have to take place to heal the adult? Or maybe the adult had a stable childhood but picked up substances to deal with life, quit using the substance but missed the lived experience where s/he learned to grow and embrace their own lives and exist in them with wonder and curiosity. 

Existential Coaching encourages people to not only address emotional issues they face through full engagement, but also take responsibility for the decisions that contributed to the development of those issues. By gaining control of the direction of their lives there is a new sense of liberation and the ability to let go of the despair associated with insignificance and meaninglessness. Living fully within all of the aspects of the dimensions,  in awe of themselves and the ability to create a full and meaningful life is the goal of Existential Coaching.

How to Flex Your Emotional in Muscles

Every good author knows that in order to write well one must read a lot. Every book read expands and strengthens ones emotional core.

Reading challenges your beliefs, values, and moral fortitude. The struggle to accept, integrate or reject a new idea is like pumping iron. Up, down, slowly, conscious of the burn. Repetitions, turning pages. Focus on form, breath and thought. Expansion and adding your own truth to the moral fibre of thought and outward expression builds confidence and brings new words and new worlds to the surface.

From a 98 lb weakling to a spiritual hulk in no time flat! Then the disseminating and rebuilding to write your learning into your own experience to share to the world.

Wisdom comes with reading. When you express through writing, you gift the Universe with more knowledge. You give folks like me the opportunity to know your heart and your wisdom, because if we are truly all one the world needs your wisdom just like you need mine.

So let’s get out there! Start light until you are pumping War and Peace, which by the way would be a physical workout as well as emotional!

Go In Peace