Dimensions and Aspects

According to Existentialist Theory We humans are complex beings of different dimensions. We have four of them. The physical, social, the psychological and spiritual. That doesn’t sound to complex now does it? However, There are different aspects for each of the four dimensions we happen to be in at a certain time. We also have... Continue Reading →

How to Flex Your Emotional in Muscles

Every good author knows that in order to write well one must read a lot. Every book read expands and strengthens ones emotional core. Reading challenges your beliefs, values, and moral fortitude. The struggle to accept, integrate or reject a new idea is like pumping iron. Up, down, slowly, conscious of the burn. Repetitions, turning... Continue Reading →

Each Angle is the Right Angle

It’s a little lonely when you realize not one person on this beautiful blue planet has exactly the same idea about anything the same way you do. Anyone reading this knows that personal experience dictates the way we see or think about an object, a person, a statement or a painting in the Louvre. Obviously... Continue Reading →

We Stumble Upon Our Soul

The growth we Experience finally comes after we stumble upon our soul. Our Spiritual Self has never been hidden away. It puts itself in our conscious path every day. We trip over it and maybe look back to see what we tripped over but are so lost in our illusion of reality we name it... Continue Reading →

Synergy, Synergy, Synergy

I have a radio in my bathroom, thanks to my motivated and handy partner. You turn the light on, you get the radio...like it or not. 4:57 AM with eyes still at half mast I turn the light on. The radio said to me, “and then I picked up a book called Conversations with God”.... Continue Reading →

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