Proven and Tested ZOP!!!

You’re a person of high energy who likes to get things done Now! There is little patience for never endless research, talking it over taking it slow. You are not a team player, you feel comfortable on your own, making intuitive decisions and looking at the bigger picture. To you these are admirable attributes although you know they wouldn’t look good in a resume. On another level these traits have been known to hold you back, perhaps even hold your personal life hostage.

You notice folks are a little bit edgy around you and you have admittedly lost the trust of friends and co workers. You have been told to slow down and think before you act, but you don’t know how. You’ve been called a loose cannon in some circles.

Your impulsiveness has gotten you into trouble more than once.


There is a technique if your willing to use it. This will depend on your motivation to change. Just simply


I know, about this time I usually get a resounding HUH? from my clients. You can laugh, please feel free, I’m used to it. Desperate measures for desperate times don’t you think?

This will be your mantra, your action word. When you say this mentally or out loud you will know what it means.


It’s not an exact acronym but let’s not split hairs right now, change it later if you want as long as it works.

So here’s how it works

1. Stop talking and go to a quiet place if possible. As you practice it will be easier to go inward.

2. Allow your muscles to loosen without talking (you can’t get into trouble that way).

3. Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth 4 or 5 times staying loose.

4. As you begin to relax invite some healing thoughts in and slowly reframe your incident and see it from a different angle. Ask yourself, is it necessary to “win” this battle? Is this the battle I need to jump into?

There you have it! You most likely won’t make it the first time, but keep at it and it will change your life. You’ll eventually get yourself together to be confident and relaxed.

You will find people become more open with you as their trust deepens as they also relax. This is just one tool for your recovery tool belt, you will have many as you learn who you really are.