A Christmas to Remember

Most Christmas days roll into one over the years. The snapshot in my mind is the excitement in the morning, the presents and wrapping paper everywhere. Great memories but predictable, nothing really sticks out as unusual. Except once. The turkey was about to be brought to the table. Grandpa was sharpening the carving knife. I... Continue Reading →

12 Steps by Mags, Guest Blogger

The thing about the 12 steps is that it actually took me forever to understand exactly what the heck they all meant. Even now with almost 6 years clean I find I’m still diving into their lessons that continue to enlighten me daily. Yes, they totally saved my life. But Jeez, did it ever take... Continue Reading →

Who Are You?

Why are you here? Have you pursued this line of thought? What do you come up with? I am fascinated with the answers to these age old questions. We all ask them, some of us just close the book, others make it a hobby from the standpoint of curiosity, and some make a lifetime quest... Continue Reading →

Change is Good Donkey

"Change is Good Donkey", is a bit of deep philosophy by Shrek that never fails to have me wondering who exactly is this cartoon targeting? The donkey who is representing the intended audience, sees him digging his hooves in attempting to resist change. Like his human counterparts, Donkey is happier with the devil he knows... Continue Reading →

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