I have your back

I  get in front of connecting  my own essence with his at times.

My conditioning erects a wall and all I can see is his conditioning.  Much of the wall I build is made out of expectations.  In those times I can see his essence but cannot see my own.  We become separate and relate mentally and emotionally but not spiritually.  

The spiritual trigger is the phrase “I have your back”.  It is the door built into the wall.  When I walk through the door the wall vanishes.
I can deconstruct it by removing any expectations.  Any Criticism disappears  I once more understand that essence we call love is that which is the Oneness of God.

We both know our relationship transcends mental and emotional constraints. Appreciation can only come within the human  realm in the law of opposites.

Living constantly in this spiritual condition of love would only normalize it. It would no longer be something to marvel at and strive to reach.

We are not just our spirit, we are spirit, mind and body. Each is as important as the other.

When I can touch his essence and know it as my own I feel the eternal miracle achieved once more before I reconstruct the wall.