The Ghost of Christmas Past

It is not difficult filling beds around the holiday season. It is a tough time out there for women who have experienced a lifetime of marginalization. Children have been lost, families have disowned, and boyfriends still beat up at will. Christmas is the time to get as high as you can and flat line any... Continue Reading →


OK, so I read this article on Face Book, maybe you did too. I think it was called Act Like It Is. Well not to plagiarize but I think further …AS IF


 I have been more than privileged to work with Stage 1 and 2 clients all of my working career. Walking with clients as they discover who they are and the magic they have been gifted with is worth every ounce of energy expended. For over 3 decades my job was throwing a lifeline to... Continue Reading →

Working inside Your Reality

Memo: Dry Wings in the Sun before jumping Hello Gentle Warrior! I remember your struggles, your victories and losses. I may not know the particulars of your reality, but I do know if your reading this you've had them. They, after all are the hallmark of your humanity. Your triumphs are you, crawling out of... Continue Reading →

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