I have been more than privileged to work with Stage 1 and 2 clients all of my working career. Walking with clients as they discover who they are and the magic they have been gifted with is worth every ounce of energy expended.
For over 3 decades my job was throwing a lifeline to clients mired in the quicksand of addiction and the trauma that caused it. All of the different backgrounds placed me in a unique position in the human evolutionary story. Underlying all of the narratives through countless years came one single theme, “I want to belong”. That’s it, that’s all, the bottom line.
Not that earth shattering is it? It sounds like a no brainer. So many studies, books and movies are based on this simple statement, (not to mention western songs and poems).
As a species we are obsessed with tribe. We all know it, it’s written in our DNA as a gift from Source. But we’ve made a mess of it haven’t we? Seems we have rolled our higher thinking selves into one with our primitive limbic system (or Lizard Brain, if you will). Since then we as a species have been suffering all kinds psychotic symptoms as we slowly grow into our role as HEBs or Highly Evolved Beings. Meanwhile I am honored to have been part of the crew of helpers, boots on the ground plucking people from the primordial muck of addiction . This is the background of what I came to name as the Surrogate Model of Addiction Treatment. By lifting the spiritual need for tribe into the consciousness of the higher human cortex we can use a residential setting to nourish and nurture our resident’s natural evolutionary need for a supportive and loving tribe. It became incredibly easy to do in this 50 year experiment as folks with addiction problems became aware of its existence.

I happily served my charges for many decades until now. As I stepped back into the “real”
world as a so called retiree, I took with me a deep and abiding gratitude

for the lessons taught to me by clients who became and always will be my own tribe.

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