Working inside Your Reality

Memo: Dry Wings in the Sun before jumping

Hello Gentle Warrior!

I remember your struggles, your victories and losses. I may not know the particulars of your reality, but I do know if your reading this you’ve had them. They, after all are the hallmark of your humanity. Your triumphs are you, crawling out of the primordial ooze to the top of the mountain to spread your wings only to find you couldn’t fly yet. You’ve never given up though, not quite. Perhaps you will decide to dry your wings in the sun before jumping the next time.

There are always choices. Your human and you never run out of them. It’s the dogged perseverance that finally creates the new ever-changing version of you this time around. Is there an end to it? No, only a change of understanding of what your reality is. A new angle on what seems to be an old unsolvable problem. A new attitude about who you really are… who we are.

I know it seems kind of lonely out there, that no one really seems to understand. Well, you’re right, they don’t. I don’t mean to scare you or throw you down the rabbit hole, but no one really knows your reality. That’s because there really isn’t just one. What you think your reality might be is actually just a bunch of your lifetime experiences stitched together for you to make a decision about. That may sound depressing to you, or conversely it may sound exciting to be able to recreate yourself into who you wish to be each day. I guess that is another decision for you to make about life, another way to look at it. Your chosen reality is like a thumb print or a snowflake, no two are the same.
We humans are a strange bunch. On the one hand we love our diversity, and on the other we like to believe us to be like the Borgs from Star Wars (Resistance is Futile!) Our wars rage on in the world because we all like to think our way is the only way!

It’s hard to think of ourselves as being out there alone. We like to tout our memberships to almost any club, we are desperate to think of ourselves as “part of” something…anything bigger than ourselves, or anything at all. I am Canadian! There. You have a thought about that right? Or I am American! I am a member of the NRA (whats that you say?), Alcoholics Anonymous, I have a Save On grocery card membership. Who are you? If you happen on someone who has one of those memberships it’s like you’ve struck gold and cling together like lost children.

We create our realities daily, and with creation comes responsibility. “it’s not my fault” has to be relegated to the dumpster. It can be very disconcerting to be totally responsible for yourself and all of the constructs you erect to make the world think you are what you show. Because somewhere down deep you think of yourself as a phony. You believe you are protecting yourself and then you think you become that person your portraying. For whatever reason you do not like who you think you are, and this is the reason we finally meet.

I will happily jump into your reality, because that’s where we will work from. My job is not to try to clone you into my chosen reality, but to walk beside you and learn what the world looks like from your view. I will tell you however that one truth that I insist upon, and that is there is no right or wrong, only what works and what doesn’t work. You are free to stitch that into your patchwork quilt of your life, or not.

One brilliant quantum day you will understand how all our individual realities are really just one, and we are all one. With that one simple miracle of understanding you will never be lonely again.

As we walk together and look at the sights and sounds of your life we can stop and explore each one carefully. You will begin to understand the concept of Be-Do-Have and feel the power those simple words convey. We will stop and shop for a realty you prefer and then try it on for size. You can practice within it and will find you have what you came for. You will see your reality creations in a different light and understand completely how people you admire do it. Then after a time you will try it out on your own, not forgetting about your responsibility for it.

You will bring it back to me and report for a bit and tweak it here and there, and then Walla!!! You’re on your own, understanding you will always have a reality partner in the background (that would be all of creation)

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