Our Time Together

I Promise

We will visualize what life will look like at the successful conclusion of our quest.

You will muster the courage to explore your innermost self and then plan and execute new behaviors contingent to what we found on our deep dive.

 You will achieve small goals we set so the taste of success will always be yours as we work towards your freedom.

You and I will challenge your mind to discern the negative aspects of your thoughts and the protective behaviour around them.

 Together we will recognize the nature of your ambivalence as progress when that sensitive part of you feels threatened.

I will help you to stay on track through resistance as you work to deconstruct your mind’s fears.

We will observe how your feelings affect decisions thus creating your fear and self fulfilled prophecies as you practice your chosen new behaviours.

You will practice new behaviours until your fear is gone and you’re vision of life matches your skill base.

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