We Will Lose Our Place in Life

As you fall asleep with a favorite book you don’t notice how it slips gently from your fingers to the floor, quietly closing its pages to you.

So too will you lose your page in life. Upon awakening you will be disoriented and won’t remember who you are.

Panic wanes as logic begins to make it’s way back into consciousness. You relax and begin to search the pages for clues, you linger waiting for recognition of words, but all has changed.

The plot and chapters have become a different book than the one you had been reading. The words and page numbers are the same as before the awakening but carry a completely different meaning. Again panic rises when you understand what you had been reading before was an illusion, a story you told yourself just to keeping going.

Slowly the pages reveal themselves for the truth they are and you finally understand and relax. You have woken up to who you really are.

You understand now. It is time to lend this book to fellow travellers in this benevolent and divine Universe.

The Dream is Real

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